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Brad Tolle, 32
Maysville, KY

When released from treatment, I was lost with no where to go. My life was in shambles. A sober-living house helped get my life back on track. Now I have the opportunity to give back. 

Chris Kloeker, 29
Alexandria, KY

Early in my recovery, I relied on sober-living houses, particularly the Brent Howell House, for a safe place to socialize and expand my fellowship. Now I have the opportunity to give back. 

Kevin Grantlin, 31
Cincinnati, OH

A few short months age, I was on a bus headed to Northern Kentucky because my life was falling apart. Bright Outlook Recovery gave me a bed and a new way of life. Now I am a house manager and have the opportunity to give back. 

Taylor Hood, 24
Hebron, KY

Bright Outlook Recovery gives me the opportunity to give back what was so freely given to me. 

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